Patrick Britton

Realtor® & Pricing Strategy Advisor 



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Excellence by Adding Value 


There are roughly 33,000 real estate brokers in Washington State.  Ask what makes any of them different and you're bound to hear the same answers over and over.  Typical responses include, "I work for my clients," "I care about my clients,"I have 90 years' experience," "I am a 7th generation real estate broker," "I am professional, caring, experienced, etc." and the list goes one.  These are just words.  What matters are actions, preferably actions that create or add value.  

This is my differentiator: I add value.  How I add value varies from house to house and client to client.  Some of the more tangible examples include showing a couple how a slight change in their financing could save them $250/month, something even their loan officer had not considered.  Another example is when I prevented a real estate investor from making a terrible purchase that would have cost him $40,000.  Then there are the multitude of examples in which I brokered a deal off-market and saved the sellers thousands of dollars in commission.

How will I add value to your situation?  It depends.  But rest assured that it will be considerable, immediate and tangible.